Utah Gopher Control
Eliminate Burrowing Rodents!

Utah Gopher Control

Burrowing Rodent Control Done the Right Way!

Removal Guarantee

Residential customers receive a 7 day, 100% removal guarantee on gopher removal. This guarantee covers lawn areas and planters beds.

Environmentally Safe

Our method uses Carbon Monoxide fumigation to exterminate burrowing rodents, which means no harmful residue.

Animal & Family Friendly

Your family, pets and livestock are safe with our method. We do not use poisons or traps.

Agricultural & Commercial

Our extremely effective process delivers a high extermination rate on the first application. Depending on the level of infestation, some properties may require more than one application.

No Property Damage Risk

There are no explosions, fire danger, cosmetic damage or cave-ins to your property.

Local & Trustworthy

Utah Gopher Control is licensed and insured using state-of-the-art equipment to eradicate burrowing rodents. We are a Utah company!

Our Rodent Control Solution is Safe and
Cost-Effective For All Types of Properties:

Suburban Residences • Cemeteries • Golf Courses • Parks • Farms & Ranches

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